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Teddy Cunningham

About Me

I am a postgraduate research student at the Warwick Institute for the Science of the Cities. I am currently studying towards my PhD in Urban Science under the supervision of Professor Martin Gillie. I graduated from the University of Bristol with a First Class degree in Civil Engineering. I was also fortunate to spend part of my undergraduate studies abroad, at the University of Sydney. My previous work at the University of Bristol involved the completion of a substantial project concerning the design of a sustainable community with a particular focus on innovative and sustainable transport.


My current research involves considering the potential that bikesharing travel data could have in influencing future public transport policy and planning decisions. Specifically, I am investigating whether bikesharing data can accurately be used as an indicator of passenger movement in a city and, if so, whether bikesharing data can be used in the development of bus routes that more accurately reflect the travel patterns of passengers.


My office is 4.18, in the new Mathematical Sciences Building. I am usually around but please check by sending me an email.



Teddy dot Cunningham at warwick dot ac dot uk

University of Warwick,
Coventry, CV4 7AL