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ePortfolio of Rebecca Clayton

Welcome to my ePortfolio!

My name is Rebecca Clayton and I am a postgraduate student at the University of Warwick on the BBSRC funded Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership (MIBTP) course. I am currently in my first year, which is a training year comprising of Programming, Statistics, and Data Analysis courses, biological skills-based masterclasses, and research and professional training. Take a look at my page for more information about my research experience and professional development.

About Me

I have always been interested in medicinal sciences and the development of pharmaceuticals. As a result of this I studied Chemistry at the University of Warwick, and graduated after completing my MChem degree in July 2018. I joined MIBTP in October 2018, and I intend to go on to investigate natural project biosynthetic pathways in my PhD. Understanding natural products and being able to harness these for drug discovery and development fascinates me, and I am eager to begin my research in 2019. The interface of chemistry and biology is an area in which I can develop a broad range of skills and broaden my versatility as a scientist.



Rebecca Clayton

Department of Chemistry
The University of Warwick