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Antonino Savojardo

Department: Physics

Group: Disordered Quantum Systems (DisQS)

Supervisor: Rudolf A. Roemer

Collaborators: Rudolf A. Roemer (Warwick University), Marc Eberhard (Aston University), Akihiro Maruta (Osaka University).



Optical rogue waves are sharp, rare and extremely high power pulses. In my research I study how these waves are generated inside an optical fibers. To model such pulses I developed an algorithm that is 104 times faster than solving the full equation of dynamics, this allows us to better study rare events (a faster algorithm improves the statistics).
The algorithm exploits the fact that pulses are well localized inside an optical fiber and interact in pairs. Based on statistics from more than 17x106 pulses, we establish unambiguously the long-tail character of the probability distribution function (PDF). Time series analysis of such rogue waves shows a typical signature of few picoseconds, opening the possibility of predicting them before they pass.


The two figures show the probability distribution function (PDF) and time series for rare events at various fiber length.

u is the amplitude of the electric field inside the fiber.


Rogue wave generation by inelastic quasi-soliton collisions in optical fibres


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Antonino Savojardo

A dot Savojardo at warwick dot ac dot uk