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Advanced Features


If you've given a presentation, and would like to put it up on your ePortfolio, we can add a page with the presentation in a slideshow - you can see an example of a slideshow of a presentation here.

To request a slideshow of a presentation, email

Image Gallery

If you have a series of pictures relating to your work, we can add a page displaying them as a slideshow - you can see an example of pictures in a slideshow here.

To request an image gallery, email

Blog Entries

Do you have an academic blog? Or do you occasionally have research-related blog entries on your personal blog? If so, we can set you up a page that will automatically display, within your ePortfolio, your research-related blog entries. You might like to see an example of blog entries in an ePortfolio.

If you'd like a page like this, email

Deep Linking

'Deep links' allow you to link directly in to electronic resources - if the library subscribes to a journal, it is likely that you can link directly in to the article itself. A major benefit of a deep link is stability: journals will often produce a temporary address for the article when you find it yourself, whereas a deep link gives you a permanent address.

You can automatically create a link to an article using the library's new Build-a-Link tool.

There is more information on the Library's Build-a-Link webpage.

An example: Immunogenetics paper.

To find out a publishers position on linking into their articles, check RoMEO/SHERPA.

If you'd like help with adding deep links to your ePortfolio, email