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Step2: Changing your titles

The Edit Properties page has many fields that you can change.

Find the three fields that appear at the top of this screen, Page Heading, Title Bar Caption, and Link Caption.

Screenshot of the top of the editing properties page, showing the three fileds mentioned.

These fields alter your page in the following way:

  • The Page Heading is the title of your ePortfolio that appears on your homepage.
Screenshot showing the location of the 'Page Heading', i.e. at the top of the main content, but beneath the tabs, Warwick top bar, etc.
  • The Title Bar Caption is the text that appears in the title bar of your web browser window
Screenshot of the title bar of a page, i.e. the bar at the very top of the browser window, above the menus etc.
  • The Link Caption is the text that will appear as the link to your page from other webpages. People will click on the link to take them to your ePortfolio.
Screenshot showing the 'left-hand links' of a page.

Make any changes you want to these here.

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