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Step 5: Create the Get Content From string

The blog form gets its content from a special web service. To get your page to use that web service, you need to set the Get Content From property in the Page Properties. This step helps you to work out what it needs to be set to.

5.1 The property must first of all start with the following url (write this down):<warwick_userid/>

5.2 To the end of this you need to add a parameter that identifies the template to use. You can choose between the template for simple forms (either with or without learning objectives, it is the same):<warwick_userid/>&template=simple

or the meeting template:<warwick_userid/>&template=meeting

5.3 Next you need to specify the viewing permissions for the entry, that is, who is able to read it when it has been created. You can choose to set it so that only the student can view it:<warwick_userid/>&template=simple&permissions=Author

or the student and staff:<warwick_userid/>&template=simple&permissions=Author,Staff

or the student, staff and other students:<warwick_userid/>&template=simple&permissions=Author,Staff,Students

Write down the complete url that you will use.

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