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Step 8: View entries created with the form

There are three ways in which you can view the entries that have been written as a result of a student using your form.

View the category in the student blog

Firstly, if you know of a student who should be using the form, you could look at their blog directly and check in the category that you set for the entry to go into. To find a specific student, you can use the blogs directory.

View a collection of blog entries for the category

You can view all of the entries within a given category for all of the blogs owned by people in a department, on a course, or on a module. To do so, you must first find the required collection page in the blogs directory (either department, course or module). On that page you will find a list of categories. If you click on one of those categories, it will list all of the entries within it.

Using search

If you go to the blogs homepage at you can use the search box to search for entries that have the title that you specified for the entry. Note that this will only work if you set the entry permissions to public.