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Part-Time Work

Over 50% of all UK students take on paid jobs during their time at university. At Warwick we’re realistic about this and try to help you find part-time jobs on campus with flexible hours so that you do not get behind with your studies. We have our own employment agency, Unitemps, that offers a wide range of jobs on campus, including clerical work, webdesign, retail and bar work. You can work in the Students’ Union (bar staff, stewards, technical crew), in the Arts Centre (stewards, back stage assistants) or in the Library or the University offices. You might choose to work only in the vacations, helping with the organisation of conferences, or join the Warwick Welcome Service which runs activities to help prospective students make informed decisions.

As well as providing some welcome funds, all these jobs will add to your transferable skills and will stand you in good stead for your future career.

Student Calling

Student Calling

Student Callers contact Warwick graduates by telephone for a variety of reasons, including updating their details, finding out what they have gone on to do since graduating, informing them of the latest Warwick news and events and encouraging them to make a donation to the University.

The role of Student Caller provides the opportunity to learn and develop valuable skills which benefit both your life at Warwick and your future career, including communication skills, teamwork, lateral thinking and the ability to negotiate.

This job also allows you to play your part in supporting your University and strengthening the relationship that Warwick has with its graduates.

Being a Student Caller is great, especially when you have a responsive graduate which is fantastic! I really like getting to find out about people who have left the Uni. It's great getting to know other Callers, especially in different years, and it's also a real pleasure to be raising money for a good cause!
Jenny Evans, Current Student Caller

Warwick Welcome Service

Warwick Welcome Service

The Warwick Welcome Service (WWS) is an enthusiastic team of trained undergraduate and postgraduate student ambassadors who are the face of Warwick students. Being part of the WWS gives you the chance to help others share in the benefits that you enjoy at Warwick along with being an ambassador representing the University. It is a high profile, responsible, respected and sought after role as you communicate information about Warwick to the public; so by its very nature, it is a much valued role.

Being a member of the Warwick Welcome Service has enhanced my time at Uni a great deal. Not only is it a brilliant confidence builder, but it is also an excellent opportunity to meet a whole new set of friends who are bound to love Warwick as much as you do!
Holly McLean, Previous Student Ambassador

The Students' Union

There are a range of part-time jobs available at the Students' Union. Working at the Students' Union provides a great opportutnity to meet new friends whilst earning some extra money. You can apply to work in one of the many cafes or bars in the Union or maybe you would prefer to work as a member of the crew in the Entertainments Department - there's plenty to choose from.

Teaching and tutoring

Depending on the department that you study with, there may be opportunities for postgraduate students to take up teaching work such as leading examples classes, supervisions and personal tutoring. You should speak with your department about these options.

The Local Area

Many students (particularly second and third years who tend to live off campus) have jobs close to where they're living. There are good opportunities to work in bars, shops and for customer service employers in and around Coventry and Leamington Spa.

Lord Rootes Memorial Fund

Entrepreneurial students can apply to the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund for financial support to develop imaginative projects, and successful applicants may receive anything from £100 to £5000. Applications to this fund are welcome from all part time and full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students studying on courses of two years' duration or more.

Recent projects include: Sea turtle conservation; 'Young men, old mountains' - a kayak adventure in Tibet; Taking stand up comedy to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival'; and The role of culture in HIV prevalence in Africa - a South African Model

Visit the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund website