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Applying to University

Students will be aware after studying on the Warwick IFP programme, that studying in the UK is beneficial to international students.

Academic Excellence

The UK has a long history of providing higher education and is home to some of the world's oldest universities such as Oxford, founded in the 12th century and Cambridge, which was founded in the 13th century. Throughout the centuries, the UK has maintained its reputation for academic excellence and all UK university degree courses are subject to a high level of external assessment by independent bodies, such as the Quality Assurance Agency and the Higher Education Funding Councils, who conduct the Research Assessment Exercise. As a result, British universities have a strong international reputation for the quality of research output.

Employment and Transferable Skills

Obtaining a degree from a recognised and well-respected UK university can improve a student's employment prospects. The skills learned on many UK degree courses are transferable to the workplace and are increasingly sought after by international employers.

Small Group Teaching

The method of teaching within the UK universities via the lecture, seminar, tutorial and personal tutor system allows students to experience small teaching groups, providing a high level of contact with the teaching staff, many of whom will also be active researchers.

Creativity and Independent Thinking

UK degree programmes, even at the undergraduate level, encourage students to approach their studies in a creative manner, encouraging individual research skills and an innovative approach to study.