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Foundation Year Network Conference 2017

Please complete the below booking form in order to register for the Conference.

This year’s 2-day package is now fully booked.

If you would like to join the Conference for one or both days, but do not require accommodation, this is also possible for £50 each day, which includes:

  • Entrance to one of the conference days (which you can select)
  • Refreshments throughout the day, including lunch

To join the Conference evening dinner at the end of Day 1, day delegates will also need to pay £35.40.

Booking Form


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If you would like to join the Conference evening dinner (Day 1), but have not booked for the full 2-day package (including accommodation), then you will be required to register for this and pay £35.40 using the option below.
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Please check whether your organisation needs a PO number on an invoice. We would advise you to add a PO number when completing your registration, rather than providing this at a later date
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