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After your offer

What does my offer mean?

If you have a conditional offer, you still have certain requirements that you need to meet before you can join us in September. These are outlined in the offer email sent out to you and could include academic conditions such as submitting your final high school transcripts to confirm your grades, as well as a valid English Language certificate, and paying the £2000 academic deposit. You can use the Applicant Portal to confirm which terms of your offer you still need to meet.

If you are ready to submit your final documents, you can use our Document Upload Facility.

Deposit payments can be made online here or via bank transfer.

An unconditional offer means that you have already met all requirements and are ready to join the course. You just need to have accepted your offer via the Applicant Portal.

If you're joining our Extended English course, make sure you also view our Offer Holder pages specifically for you!

What about accommodation?
Accommodation applications are now open to students who have accepted an offer for the IFP. You can start to look at the accommodation options available here.

You need to apply for accommodation by 18 August 2021, and we advise you to apply ahead of this deadline. If you miss this deadline, accommodation on-campus is not guaranteed, but you should still submit an application and the Accommodation Team will support you in finding a suitable accommodation option.

Please note, that if you choose an accommodation option with a 35-week let, you will be required to vacate your room (including all of your belongings) over the Easter vacation period. Most IFP students opt for accommodation with a 40-week let to avoid this issue.

Offers of accommodation are then sent out in late August/early September.

Important Dates and Deadlines:

Deposit Deadline - Please check your offer email to confirm your deposit deadline

13 August 2021 - Final Document Deadline

27 September 2021 - Warwick Welcome Week

4 October 2021 - Term 1 Warwick IFP starts

When can I apply for my visa?

To study in the UK, all students who are non-EEA nationals will need to apply for a Student Visa (formerly known as a Tier 4 visa), unless you are already in the UK and hold a valid visa which permits you to study at the University of Warwick, for example a dependent visa. You will need to have received a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) number from us before making a Student Visa application.

CAS numbers are issued by the University once you have accepted your unconditional offer to study on the programme (and have paid your academic deposit). We have now started the CAS process with our Unconditional Offer Holders.

You will be asked to confirm that the details we hold about you are correct and whether you have previously studied in the UK. Once you confirm your details, we aim to issue your CAS within 5 working days. Your CAS will be issued via email.

You should only use the CAS number that is issued by us, as your visa will only be valid to study at the institution that issued the CAS number used in your visa application.

Further information about applying for your visa can be found on the University's immigration webpages.


Approximately six weeks before the course start date, you will receive an email from the University inviting you to enrol online. You will be required to upload a copy of your visa (if you need one to study in the UK) and submit a photo for your Warwick ID card.

You will also be able to set up your Warwick email address, which is really important, as it is the email address that we'll start to use when you start the course.

You will need to have completed online enrolment in order to engage with the online and face-to-face elements of the course.