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Sumei Tey
Business Studies
Stratford-upon-Avon College

Hi, I’m Sumei Tey from Malaysia. I came to the UK after my graduation in high school. My high school certificate allows me to study in university directly, but I am studying in Warwick IFP right now because I hope to spend one year to adapt a totally different live in the UK before I enter university.

I found out about the Warwick IFP from one of my friends, who is also studying on the Warwick IFP now. I believe that she and I are the only two Malaysians on the Warwick IFP course. I considered going to University of Exeter, Manchester and Newcastle as well, but I chose Warwick IFP because of the reputation and also because my friend decided to study there also.

Everything was fine when I arrived at the college. My first impression is the convenience of the accommodation. There is a large supermarket opposite the college and the actual area of school is not large. I think the best thing of the college is the location which is very near the town, the train station and the supermarket.

The best thing of Warwick IFP is the teachers and really helpful and friendly. I joined almost all trips which were for the Warwick IFP students. I enjoyed the trip to Warwick Castle very much and had an opportunity to have learn a lot about the castle and its history.

If I were giving advice to a student or friend considering studying at Warwick IFP, I will tell them to prepare to have a busy study life with so many coursework in a year, although my skills have improved in this year.

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