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IELTS Intensive - Academic Writing and Speaking


This brand new additional module for the Warwick IFP offers you the opportunity to begin improving your English language skills before you even start your academic studies!

Designed exclusively for students joining the Warwick IFP with a 5.5 overall IELTS score, this 6-week module will provide intensive English tuition, with a specific focus on improving Writing and Speaking skills.

What's included on the module?

You'll receive at least 15 hours of tuition each week, in a class no larger than 14. The small class size means that the module will be extremely student-centred, with small group tasks and competitions, encouraging lots of communication between you, your tutors and other students.

The skills that you will be developing will be directly linked to the IELTS test requirements, increasing your confidence in using English and allowing you achieve the best scores possible on the IELTS test.

You will also find that the skills you will be practising are a great way to prepare for the IFP, including learing the best techniques for listening to lectures, writing short reports and essays, as well as learning how to study independently - a vital skill for university life.

You will have the opportunity to take mock English language tests too, which will give you a really clear indication of your progress.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to the tuition you will be receiving, there will also be a range of extracurricular activities, designed to enrich your experience and to help you to adjust to life in the UK.

Planned activities include a 3-day trip to London, with visits to major attractions and landmarks in the capital, as well as a variety of trips to the beautiful, historic towns surrounding the University of Warwick.


Your accommodation will be on-campus for the first 5-weeks of teaching, in the Rootes Halls of Residence, right in the centre of the University campus. You will then have 2-nights accommodation in London as part of your trip to the capital, and for the final week of the module, you will be based in hotel accommodation in Kenilworth. At the end of this, you will move into the University accommodation that you have been allocated for the remaining duration of the IFP.

Staff and Student Voices

Hear from the module leader, Miriam, about her experience teaching English, as well as some of our IFP students about their experience developing their English language skills.




Start Date: 13 August 2018

Tuition Fees: £2,400

Non-academic Fees: £1,800
Includes bed and breakfast accommodation and all extracurricular activities and costs