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Fangyuan Lin
Science and Engineering,
Warwickshire College

I found Warwick’s Warwick IFP programme on its website. I did some research into this and found that it has a reputation for being a very good foundation programme. I met their staff who came to my city in China. She told me that if I applied for Warwick IFP, I might have a chance to go to not only Warwick but also UCL or imperial. So I decided to take this chance.

When I first came to Warwickshire College, it was nice and quiet. I like the environment very much. The accommodation was a newly built building. The facilities were wonderful. It is so convenient that I could go to the library and the classrooms within 3min walk from my room. The best thing about the college is the library. There is an array of books on different subjects. I can also use the infra-track programme in E-library to find information I want. Being in Leamington Spa means that I don’t need to stay on the college campus to eat all the time – there are lots of cafes and restaurants very close by, as well as supermarkets for me to buy necessities.

The best thing about the course is that the syllabus is quite reasonable. The knowledge we learn here can be used in the near future.

During the year, I have participated in the activities such as Christmas party, going to a trip to Cambridge. We also had a class trip to visit the parliament and the Bank of England in London. We all had a lot of fun.

The advice I’m going to give is that this is a course which is full of competitiveness. You should work hard to achieve your goal because everyone is as clever as you and maybe even more hard-working than you.

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