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Ahmed completed the IFP in Accounting and Finance in 2020. Ahmed has just started his final year of his undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance at Warwick Business School. Here he shares his experience of the IFP...

My name is Ahmed and I am from Egypt. I planned to start my undergraduate career through a foundation year as I wanted to get early start into the life of a university student. I felt compelled to join the Warwick IFP after learning about its amazing community of staff and students.

Moving from school to university in another country was a nerve-wracking but exciting experience. Once I had moved on campus, I was fascinated by the highly cosmopolitan culture at the university, as I got to meet other like-minded students from many different backgrounds and continuously learn about so many different cultures.

Joining the IFP Finance route was definitely a great stepping stone onto my undergraduate studies as it helped me acquires both the foundation knowledge about concepts in Finance and Economics as well as soft skills such as public speaking, effective communication, and critical analysis.

I found the mentoring programme in the Warwick IFP Society extremely insightful as I got to engage with several IFP alumni and gain advice on several different topics from study techniques to living in the UK. After successfully progressing to undergraduate, I joined the leadership team at Warwick IFP Society as the Head of Mentoring in order to enable foundation students to gain the same advice I got during my time in the IFP.

I would definitely recommend students to join the Warwick IFP as it provides a great learning base to excel and progress onto highly prestigious undergraduate degrees.


Ahmed standing on a bridge in front of a river