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Doruk, Turkey

Doruk studied with us in 2016/17, and after completing the Warwick IFP in Science and Engineering, he progressed on to his first choice university, Southampton, to study Mechanical Engineering.

How did you find out about the Warwick IFP?

I found out about the programme from my education counsellor at my school, she said she had been sending students here for some time.

Tell us a bit about the Science and Engineering programme, do you enjoy working in the labs?

Yes I do, back in Turkey I did not have the chance to experiment with practical lessons as it was all theory based, it is better to see things in practice.

What's the most interesting experiment you have done?

Investigating the behaviour of circuits, I have always studied circuits since primary school but this was the first time I was able to build the circuits myself.

Are you involved in anything outside your studies?

Yes I joined the Athletics Society, the Warwick SU gives you lots of information on societies so I went along to a taster session.

How have you found the campus and the accommodation?

I really like the campus, it is very multicultrual, and my accommodation is very nice and away from all the noise!