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Masahiro studied the Management IFP from 2019-2020 and is now a second year BSc Management with Digital Innovation student.

We spoke to him recently to hear more about his time on the IFP...

Warwick IFP gave me countless possibilities and filled me with excitement, brightening my future expectations. The modules include theoretical and fundamental knowledge of the field of study and practical skills that enable students to gain the essential qualities that help them succeed in their upcoming chosen academic path. The IFP has a very diverse community within a multinational environment. I met lifelong friends on the course! Studying and debating many different topics at the library is one of the best memories of the IFP.

The Covid-19 pandemic started affecting our lives at the end of the academic year of the IFP, which imposed many challenges on students. The experience of having difficulties during the pandemic and the experience of working as a mentor in Japanese organisations for two years made me realise the importance of having someone who can help others both academically and mentally. That is why I started working for the Warwick IFP Society for the past two years and strengthened the mentoring scheme where IFP students can seek help from alumni who had been studying on the same courses.

The teachers in the faculty are amiable and kind, and they are always willing to help students at any time. They respect and acknowledge our thoughts and opinions, and they teach us how to navigate to the correct answers."

Masahiro standing in front of Tower Bridge