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Nathaniel completed the Law IFP in July and has now joined the Law School as an undergraduate student. We spoke to him recently to hear all about his IFP experience...

My name is Nathaniel Fugah, I am from Ghana, and this year I had the pleasure of being part of the Warwick International Foundation Programme in Law and Politics.

I applied for the IFP because I wanted to familiarize myself with a potentially different style of teaching and learning that I was not initially used to. I wanted to ensure I succeeded in a foreign university environment in order to get the most out of my degree. Additionally, as I knew I wanted to study Law at an undergraduate level, I applied for the IFP in Law and Politics as this was the closest course to the undergraduate level ‘Law LLB’.

Working on a Human Rights Reflective Journal for my ‘Constitutional Law and Human Rights’ module would have to be my favorite part of my IFP course. I had the opportunity to record the development of my understanding of Human Rights legislation, both internationally and regionally. Reflecting on Universal Human Rights and comparing and contrasting this to different regional Human Rights doctrines was altogether exciting and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, I was not part of any societies during my foundation program. Nonetheless, I had the opportunity to attend many music-focused concerts organized by some of the University’s societies such as the piano and jazz society. In fact, during my second term, I had the pleasure of attending a jazz concert with a friend at the Warwick University Arts Centre. This event organized by a society quickly became the highlight of my time studying at Warwick.

Finally, I would definitely recommend the IFP to other people because it is nothing short of exciting and enjoyable, but also intellectually stimulating in the right way. The program provides you with the opportunity to fully grasp your course of interest before progressing to the undergraduate level. Thanks to the Warwick IFP I have established long-lasting relationships with great students and exceptional teachers and have only grown more comfortable and familiar with UK higher education.

Nathaniel standing in front of a lit up building