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Daniel Gerrard


Contact Details

D dot Gerrard at warwick dot ac dot uk

Feedback and Support Hours

10:00-11:00am: Tuesdays (Warwick IFP Offices)

10:00-11:00am: Thursdays (Warwick IFP Offices)

My Biography

I am a historian of English ecclesiastical, urban, and military history holding degrees from the Universities of St Andrews and Glasgow. In addition to my role at Warwick, I have taught history for Oxford University since 2010, and study skills for Oxford Brookes University since 2015. I have been a Contributing Editor of the Victoria County History (Wiltshire) since 2014. Oxford University Students Association named me 'Most Innovative Teacher in the Humanities' in 2013.

I joined the Warwick IFP in September 2016 and am looking forward to my first year of teaching here. Copies of my book, The Church at War can be ordered here. My short introduction to England under Norman rule can be ordered here.


M.A., University of St Andrews (2005)

M.Litt., University of St Andrews (2006)

PhD, University of Glasgow (2011)

Fellow, Higher Education Academy (2013)

Academic Associations

Clerics and War in Medieval Europe. Kazimierz Wielki University (Poland).

Carnet de recherche Mondes normands médiévaux / International interdisciplinary research network on the Norman worlds in the Middle Ages

Henry of Blois Research Network (Cambridge)

Episcopus: The Society for the study of bishops and secular clergy in the middle ages



The Church at War: The Military Activities of Bishops, Abbots and Other Clergy in England, c. 900-1200 (Routledge, 2016)

Articles and Essays

‘Jocelin of Brakelond and the Power of Abbot Samson’ in Journal of Medieval History 40: 1 (February 2014), pp. 1-23.

‘Ermenfroi de Sion, l’archevêque Lanfranc et le problème des ecclésiastiques rebelles’ in (eds) V. Gazeau, J. Barrow and F. Delivré, Autour de Lanfranc : Réforme et Réformateurs dans l’Europe de l’Ouest (University of Caen, 2015).

‘Fighting Clergy, Church Councils and the Contexts of Law: The Cutting Edge of Orthodoxy or the Ambiguous Limits of Legitimacy?’ in (eds). A. Roach, J. Simpson, Heresy and the Making of European Culture: medieval and modern perspectives (Ashgate, 2013)

‘Chivalry, War and Clerical Identity: England, 1056-1200’ in (eds) Radoslaw Kotecki and Jacek Maciejewski, Ecclesia et Violentia (Cambridge Scholars, 2014).

‘Why Study Fighting Clergy?’ in (eds) R. Kotecki and J. Maciejewski, Clerics and War in Medieval Europe: A New Perspective (Brill). Forthcoming

‘William of Malmesbury and Civic Virtue’ in (eds) E. Winkler, E. Dolmans, R. Thomson, Discovering William of Malmesbury (Boydell and Brewer, 2017).

‘Thinking with Cities in Anglo-Norman England’ in (eds) J. Deploige, J. Rider, and W. Simons, Perception and performance of Social Identities in the Nascent Urban Societies of the High Middle Ages in Northwestern Europe (Pub details TBC). Forthcoming

‘London at War: 900-1200’, (ed) D. Heath, Medieval London and the World (Pub details TBC). Forthcoming

Victoria County History (Wiltshire) XIX

‘Chippenham: Introduction’ Forthcoming‘

Chippenham: History’ Forthcoming

Study Guides (short book):

The Normans (Connell, 2017).

Reference work entries

'Aethelwig’ (d.1077/8) in The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford University Press, 2013)

‘Ælfheah, life of’ in Robert Rouse and Sian Echard (eds), The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Medieval British Literature (Blackwell, 2016). Forthcoming

Book Reviews

'William of Malmesbury and the Ethics of History (S. Sonnesyn)' in Historical Research, 2013

'Armsbearing and the Clergy in the History and Canon Law of Western Christianity (L.N.G. Duggan)' in English Historical Review, 2015

'The Sleep of Behemoth: Disputing Peace and Violence in Medieval Europe, 1000-1200 (J. Y. Malegam)' in English Historical Review, 2016

Roles within Department

  • Module Convenor for History

Modules Taught