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Tomas Engelthaler

My Bio

I am a cognitive psychologist with a passion for education and technology. My research explores the possibility to quantify human psychology through observing our language. Being a teacher at the IFP is a brilliant opportunity, allowing me to see how best deliver psychological knowledge in an approachable way.

My educational background is at Warwick, where I completed a BSc Psychology (2011 – 2014) with a focus on the quantification of dreams. I was awarded an EPSRC scholarship to pursue a PhD in Psychological Research at Warwick, which I recently completed (2014-2018). The thesis covers the development of software that analyses, visualises and explains human thinking based on the language we produce.

I have 8 years of experience mentoring students in university settings, mainly focusing on successful student performance in undergraduate psychology degrees, both academically and personally. Prior to Warwick, I was a student mentor with American Field Service (AFS), an organisation offering international student exchange programmes. During my studies, I completed a 2-year counselling training course.

In my free time, I enjoy developing video games that explore the social aspects of online interaction.

Role(s) within the Department

Modules Taught: