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Fulbright Commission Awards

The prestigious Fulbright-Warwick Scholarship is an annual award which supports one US citizen in their first year of postgraduate study on any programme at the University of Warwick. The scholarship is a maximum of £26,500 which is intended as a contribution towards tuition and living costs. To participate in the competition, prospective students must apply to the University through the normal University postgraduate admissions process and separately submit an application to the Fulbright Commission directly through their website. Applicants should note on their application to the Fulbright Commission that they wish to apply for a ‘Fulbright-Warwick bespoke award’.

Warwick welcomes applications from American applicants who are pursuing a Fulbright award to study here, and we are proud to have hosted Fulbright scholars in the past. If you are a potential Fulbright scholar applying to Warwick, you are welcome to send an initial enquiry to

You are strongly advised to consult the Fulbright Commission website for full information on all the opportunities they offer.

Below are details of current opportunities announced by Fulbright:

Fulbright Postgraduate Student Awards