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World Wide Studies

World Wide Studies (WWS) is a new educational Project of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation aimed at fostering a new generation of Ukrainian professional elite.

The project offers support to Ukrainian citizens aged 35 or under to pursue a Master's Degree in one of the world's best Universities in the fields selected by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation as the top priority for the future development of Ukraine. For 2009-2011, they are: Agriculture, Environment and Ecology, Law and Public Administration.

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation wil offer grands to oustanding candidates, selected by a distinguished Selection panel. The grant will be used primarily to cover the University tuition fee, books and medical insurance. The grant size shall be determined for each individual case based on the student's needs and merit/achievement. The majority of the grants shall cover up to 60% of the total amount requirement (maximum of USD 50,000 for the overall period of studies (1-2 years)). Students are expected to cover the rest of the expenses by either contributing personal funds or finding matching funding.

Eligibility Criteria
Applications must:

Be a citizen of Ukraine and under 35 on the date of enrolment to the University
Have a Bachelor's or higher Degree in the field required by teh chosen foreign University and the Master's program
Will be admitted to the Master's program of the University outside of Ukraine and will start thie programme in the autumn of 2012
Have a clear plan for applying in Ukraine the knowledge and skills acquired
Must be committed to work in Ukraine in accordance with the qualifications obtained

Further Information
For further information, please visit