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Student Profile - Adam Arnold

Adam Arnold,
PhD Philosophy, America

"The best thing about Warwick is the intellectual atmosphere."


I initially heard about Warwick through a website called Philosophical Gourmet which highlighted Warwick’s reputation placing it as the top UK department for 19th and 20th century continental philosophy. This encouraged me to carry out further research into the Philosophy department and which further emphasised the quality of the research that the philosophy department currently works on. When considering a PhD the research quality was a top priority for my choice of University and Warwick ticked all of those boxes.

Not only was I impressed by the quality of the research that the department was completing but I was impressed by the individual professors and their personal academic strengths. This gave me the confidence to apply for the course in the knowledge that I would be supervised by some of the best academics in the field.

I found the Philosophy webpage to be extremely informative, which provided me with all the information that I needed. Once I had been accepted to complete my PhD I contacted the department directly and found them to be extremely helpful. In addition to the department I also contacted the International Office to help assist during my visa application. I found the immigration service team were efficient in ensuring that I was able to start my PhD on time and faced no further issues.

My first impressions of the campus was the beautiful green woods and paths, it is easy to forget how close we are to some cities. The walks and lakes provide the perfect opportunity to explore and see the local wildlife.

The best thing about Warwick is the intellectual atmosphere. I like the diversity of the department and the many opportunities to get involved and find stimulating conversations. I joined a reading group with professors and others in the Law and politics departments. Its a great opportunity to hear about others' work and collaborate. The philosophy department has every week a talk from another university as well which helps to broaden my academic horizons and consider ideas that I have not previously considered.

During my first year of my PhD I was located on campus which was convenient for just getting out of bed and heading straight to class. However, I have now found my own accommodation in Kenilworth. This allows me to see the surrounding areas to the campus and I find that the Warwick Managed accommodation is very nice. Furthermore, due to the central location of the campus and only a short train ride from the airport I have had the opportunity to travel to several destinations in Europe: Italy, Spain and France.

My advice is don't be afraid to contact professors in your department. My experience is that everyone is helpful. One thing that makes me happy about Warwick is the environment in the department. There is always something new going on that is stimulating.