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Student Profile - Adriana Ocejo

Adriana Ocejo,
PhD, Department of Statistics, Mexico

I think that one of the best things about Warwick is the location.


I stumbled across Warwick because of my research interests in statistics. I got talking to university staff at a CIMAT workshop in Guanajuato in Mexico and a professor from another UK university recommended Warwick as one of the best in my field of research. I applied to some other UK universities but decided to come to Warwick because the facilities are amazing and the research unit I am based in is one of the top in the world in Probability. I also thought the feeling of Warwick was really nice and that because of the rankings I had a better chance of getting funding from Mexico.

I contacted the University to find out if I would be eligible from potential supervisors. They emailed back with some information and told me that I should apply. When I did apply the department really helped me out and gave me some guidance as well as sourcing some funding for me. In fact, most of my funding is through the Department of Statistics and the remainder is from CONACyT in Mexico.

In my department the staff and research student numbers are large, which is very useful for me. I always have people to talk to about my ideas and to share thoughts with. This is one of the best things about studying here. Another advantage about Warwick is the location. It is in the centre of the UK and you can go anywhere with very little trouble. The weather is fine once you get used to it!

I have joined the Latin American Society, which is great for socials and dancing. We do salsa dancing and we have a reputation for a good party. I also use the gym which is right in the centre of campus. Being in the UK will give me some opportunities to explore Europe. In the near future I intend to go to France and Germany as there are some Maths conferences held there that I would like to attend. I’ve also been around the UK a bit to visit the landmarks and historical centres of Oxford, Liverpool, Cambridge, and Bath.

There is no doubt in my mind that I want to find a Post Doctoral post when I finish my PhD here. If I could get an offer at Warwick then that would be great, but I am happy to work anywhere in the UK or Mexico. My advice to Mexican students is that they should come on over and experience Warwick. The environment is suitable for study, the staff is really friendly and the facilities are exceptional. Studying is one big part of your life, but you can also benefit from the amazing Arts Centre which I love. I often see classical concerts, theatre, visit the cinema and more.


Adriana Ocejo