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Student Profile - Daren Maynard

Daren Maynard,
MSc Programme and Project Management, Trinidad & Tobago

At Warwick I have been voted by my classmates as Postgraduate faculty representative as well as my class representative. I'm also an "Electronic Ambassador" for my department.


When I was choosing a university overseas for my postgraduate study, five things were important to me: (1) Quality of the programme (2) Number of electives (3) Practicality of the degree (4) Ranking (5) Location. My major is Programme and Project Management and according to my criteria I felt Warwick was the best university. When I visited the Warwick website I was impressed by the amount of information, that’s what I loved about Warwick over the other universities.

The University were really helpful when I was making my application. I called the Course Director and used the Facebook page to get help, including help in obtaining my scholarship funding from my government back home.

Orientation week at the university was awesome! There were people from all over the world and we had the University to ourselves. We went on trips; there were events on campus and people there to explain things to you and to prepare you for life in the UK. I made lots of friends and got used to the British way of speaking.

What I love about Warwick is how well run it is, it is run like a great business, there is so much information, always something new, it is always innovative, like with new programmes for example. It all makes Warwick an exciting place. When I arrived I was struck by the environment, the wildlife, the ducks, the trees, the foxes on campus. It is a mixture of buildings with nature, the campus is very beautiful. Everything you need is here and life is so convenient. Accommodation, class, the gym, your department, and the supermarket it is all within a short walk.

Since coming to Warwick I have been voted by my classmates as Postgraduate faculty representative as well as my class representative, I’m also an “Electronic Ambassador” for my department.

I am also a member of lots of societies: WMG, Postgraduate, Claycroft, Cinema and I love the gym here, it is so beautiful! So far I’ve been to Birmingham, Oxford, and London. Tomorrow I’m going to Nottingham. I’m planning to go to Scotland for Christmas and in the Spring I’ll pay some visits to Europe.

My advice to others thinking of coming to Warwick is: plan properly. Have fun, be open to new experiences and make the most of this incredible experience.


Daren Maynard