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Student Profile - Nicoline Chan

Nicoline Chan,
BSc Accounting and Finance, Canada

Warwick has a really relaxed atmosphere which is what I like most about it.

When I was 15 in Canada a friend an older friend of mine from gym class said that she was going to study at Warwick. This was the first time that I had heard of the University but it stuck in my head. Afterwards I did some research into UK universities and found out that Warwick was pretty much the best university for my subject. When it came to applying, I only applied for Warwick in the UK and then was also considering staying in Canada. When I got my offer to come to Warwick my mind was made up. It helped that my Dad had studied in the UK, so he was really keen for me to have a similar experience, but only if I went to one of the very best universities in the UK.

Applying was really ease because my school (Bishop Strachan School in Toronto) was really helpful and knowledgeable about the UCAS process.

When I arrived in the UK it was the first time that I had truly been on my own in a strange place. It was stressful and bustling, and a little bit scary, but the University pick up from the airport helped. After the first day of the Orientation programme I felt much more at easy and then the following week when all the Freshers came was so much fun.

Warwick has a really relaxed atmosphere which is what I like most about it. It isn’t in a city so you are always with other Warwick people on campus, which creates a really great feeling of community.

I keep myself busy outside of class by being part of the Badminton team and have also joined a couple of societies in the Students’ Union: the Finance Society and the Arts Society where I get to practice life drawing every week.

When I graduate I am planning to find work in Asia, especially Hong Kong which I feel an affinity to. Ideally I will work within the Finance industry, maybe with a large bank or an accounting group.

My advice for any prospective students would be to come here! If you like a relaxed atmosphere where you get to know people so well that they feel like family and where you are never on your own, then this is the place for you.

Nicoline Chan