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Student Profile - Valentin Pereda-Aguado

Valentin Pereda-Aguado,
MA International Security, Mexico

I knew that Warwick must be an internationally recognised university after I kept seeing its professors talking on the History Channel!


I have known about Warwick for a long time because my aunt moved to nearby Leamington Spa 25 years ago. I visited her in 2000 and found out about the University from her, and also decided to visit the campus.

Back in Mexico I also realised that Warwick must be an internationally renowned university because I kept seeing its professors talking about subjects on the History Channel! Then, when I went to study my Bachelors degree in Politics and International Relations, two of the professors that were teaching me had already studied at Warwick. So I suppose you could say that Warwick found me!

I considered studying at some other UK universities and one other in Canada and got offers from all of my choices. When Warwick offered me a £5000 scholarship for my Masters it made the choice easy for me. Obviously, the course matched what I was looking for as well.

When I did finally apply Warwick kept in touch with me really well and were very welcoming, which is more than can be said for some of my other choices of university.

Apart from the Warwick scholarship I am funding myself along with my parents, so it is really important that the course I study is useful and right for me. Luckily, the best thing about Warwick is the quality of the teaching staff and the programme that I’m studying. I have enjoyed all of the modules even more than I expected. They really challenge you, expect you to get involved and feel responsible for your study – and of course you have to work hard to get results which is rewarding.

Whilst I am based here I will do some travelling around Europe. I have already been on a tour of France during the Christmas holidays and plan to go back soon. In summer I intend to travel to Israel or China as I have been offered internships in the Mexican Embassies there which I am really excited about.

The campus at Warwick has lots going on. I use the gym and swimming pool a lot, but haven’t joined any sports teams. I was amazed by how many there are to chooses from when I attended the University Sports Fair, from kayaking to rock climbing.

I haven’t decided what I would like to do when I graduate, but I have the option of doing a one-year internship at Interpol. I would like to work outside Mexico for a time before I return, as my degree makes me suitable for the world market and gives me lots of options.

My advice for anyone thinking of applying to Warwick is to give yourself plenty of time to arrange plans and funding. I applied for 3 scholarships and only got one, so you have to be persistent. Choose the right course for you and you won’t be disappointed.