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Student Profile - William McIntire

William Knowles McIntire
MA Continental Philosophy, USA

The department, the course, and the education I have received so far are all very inspiring

I first heard about the University of Warwick while I was studying in Geneva, Switzerland. One of my professors there was originally from the UK and suggested Warwick as a possible option for my further studies, and made mention of a couple of professors there with whom he thought I might like to work. I considered other avenues, such as: Dundee and Cardiff, as well as SUNY Stony Brook and others back home in The United States. However, after doing some online research, I discovered that Warwick’s Philosophy department has a very good reputation, has some outstanding faculty, and the program itself appeared to be a better fit. It was also cheaper for me to study in the UK than America, so that sealed the deal for me.

I did not attend an interview prior to my arrival, so the first few days were a little confusing because I had never seen campus or the surrounding area before. It wasn’t always clear to me where I needed to go, but I soon discovered that campus has everything one would need, so my first impression was actually very positive.

Since I arrived, I have joined the Philosophy society and have attended some social events. I am also a member of the wine and whiskey appreciation society. It was also easy to develop many meaningful friendships here.

The department, the course, and the education I have received so far have all been extraordinarily inspiring. I would prefer to continue my studies towards a PhD at Warwick, and am looking forward to the opportunity.

To any students considering Warwick, I would say relax, and have fun!