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Employment of Tier 4 students at Warwick

The University must take a zero tolerance approach to illegal working on campus for the protection of its entire staff and student body. The University is determined to prevent work breaches from happening on campus and for this reason some new measures have been put in place to mitigate the risk of these occurring.

Wed 04 July 2018, 08:54 | Tags: All Immigration Advice

Can I attend Graduation Ceremony with my Tier 4 visa?

Since March 2018, the Immigration Service team here at the University of Warwick have been assured by the Home Office UKVI Policy Team that the Border Force officers have been briefed that attending your Graduation Ceremony is a permitted activity for students who have completed their course successfully, hold a valid Tier 4 visa and wish to return to the UK for the purpose of attending their Graduation Ceremony. Read more to find out how this new policy may affect you.

Travel safety during the Easter vacation (Lost or stolen BRP/Passports)

To ensure that yours is a trip to remember for all the right reasons, please take time to

read our top tips for safe travel:

Telephone Scam Targeting International Students

It has been brought to our attention by the Home Office that there is a current scam which is targeting Tier 4 students. Some students may receive a telephone call from an individual who fraudulently purports to represent the Home Office.

Read more to find out how to identify a call is fraudulent and how to deal with it.

Tue 13 March 2018, 13:00 | Tags: Welfare Advice Current student

Invitation to join the Tier 4 pilot – what does this mean for those with an offer for a Master's course at Warwick which is no longer than 13 months in length?

On 18 December 2017, the Immigration Minister announced that 23 universities, including Warwick, had been invited to join the Tier 4 pilot, which was first launched in 2015 involving only four institutions: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and Bath.

Mon 08 January 2018, 13:51 | Tags: All Immigration Advice

Major announcements made by UK Government on international students: '97% go home when visas expire'

The government has, this week, published a number of very significant reports relating to international students and (net) migration. The Home Secretary has also commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to undertake a review of the impact of international students, by September 2018.

Tue 29 August 2017, 14:02 | Tags: All

New airline security measures on some routes travelling to the UK

Advice for students affected by new aviation security measures to introduce restrictions on some electronic items in hand luggage for affected routes.

EEA students and comprehensive sickness insurance

EEA students and Comprehensive Sickness Insurance (CSI)

ATAS email problems in China

ATAS email problems in China

Thu 09 March 2017, 16:25 | Tags: China Immigration Advice

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