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Student Profile: Yvette Nsababera


MSc Business with Consulting

Study Dates:

2018 - 2019

How did you find out about Warwick?

I first knew about Warwick through an internet search for top business schools in the UK.

Did you consider applying anywhere else? What made you choose Warwick?

My other considerations were INSEAD and Imperial College Business School. My sister is currently at the University of Sussex.

Warwick Business School matched the two most important personal criteria for my choice of postgraduate education; a course that fits my career plan and a leading business school with reputable teaching practices. The MSc in Business with Consulting was a a great fit to my plan with the added advantage of a world-class learning experience and exposure to new cultures and people.

Did you contact the University or Department prior to application?

I continued my search to discover more about the course, which was easy to find on the website. I also found other online resources such as YouTube testimonials that touched on the impact of the course from alumni, as well as the learning environment of the university.

How did you find the application process?

I applied online, and the process was straightforward. My visa application was smooth, which I attribute to both the local visa application in Rwanda as well as the guidelines received from Warwick.

Did you receive any funding?

I have received funding from The Foreign and Commonwealth Office through the Chevening Scholarship.

How was your arrival?

I was quite impressed by the pre-arrival information which gave me a sense of what to expect. It allowed me time to plan well for my journey and mentally prepare for school. I was already part of the Warwick community even though I was miles away. This assured me that I had made the right choice and I was excited to see what lay ahead for me.

What is the best thing about Warwick?

The best thing about Warwick for me is the value captured in the Warwick environment. In class and out of class, I feel that I'm equipped with the necessities to pursue my educational plan as well as have a balanced life on and off-campus. It's an environment that I freely get to share who I am, and take in new insights from others with different backgrounds.

What is the worst thing about Warwick?

I am yet to discover it.

How is your accommodation?

My on-campus accommodation suits me, and I truly appreciate that all my preferences during the application were considered and matched accordingly.

Have you joined any clubs/societies?

Currently looking at joining the Consulting Society, that ties back to my course. However I feel that there are plenty of options for me to look at, and experience something new. Definitely would want to try Warwick Salsa! I am spoilt for choice.

Have you had chance to travel at all during your studies?

I have travelled within the UK, and planning to explore more of the UK and Europe over the summer.

What makes you happiest about studying at Warwick?

I have made new friends from each continent, and that for me gives me a new sense for global adventure.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I hope to start a consulting business back home, catering to small-businesses in East Africa.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying to Warwick?

Always think and plan ahead, Warwick offers so much, and you will need to know what fits right with you in order to make the most of it. Warwick is a great investment into your life and luckily, you get to decide on how much of a return you want from it. You have something to offer to the world, and Warwick should be one of the ways you get to share your capabilities.