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Student Profile: Henry Midgley



Study Dates:

2018 - 2019

How did you find out about Warwick?

When I first decided to pursue an MBA, one of the first things I looked at were the global rankings by the likes of the Financial Times and The Economist, which is where I came across Warwick.

Did you consider applying anywhere else? What made you choose Warwick?

I had also considered studying at other prestigious business schools (Cambridge, Oxford etc.), as well as business schools in Australia where I had been working for several years. I decided not to study in Australia, as I would likely end up studying alongside people from similar cultural backgrounds to myself., I wanted a more global perspective.

After ruling out Australia, I quickly turned to the UK, where the Warwick Business School MBA was ranked #1 by The Economist in the UK. Not wanting to rely purely on rankings, I researched the different courses and asked friends and family in both academia and industry, who all said the Warwick MBA is very highly regarded.

How did you apply? Did you contact the department to ask any questions before applying?

I applied online which was a very smooth process, although I did enlist the help of my family to look over my essay questions required as part of the MBA admission process. I found most of the information I needed online and through connections, so didn't contact the university directly. When I was interviewed for the MBA, I was able to ask the admissions team the questions I had.

Did you receive any funding?

I was lucky enough to receive a partial scholarship from Warwick University, although the majority is self funded.

How was your arrival and what were your first impressions of campus?

I had no issues with arrival and orientation, I managed to find my way around relatively easily with the MyWarwick App. I was very impressed with the main campus, in particular the new wing in the WBS building, standing proud on Gibbet Hill Road.

What is the best thing about Warwick?

There's something for everyone. With such a diverse range of people, there are all sorts of clubs and societies available with something for everyone.

Have you joined any clubs and societies?

I ended up signing up to more societies than I can deal with at the moment! I joined Gliding, Canoe & Canoe Polo, Ultimate Frisbee and Sailing. So far I'm trying to do at least one society activity each week, although it can be tough juggling with the MBA. I'm hoping to get more involved as the weather improves.

Have you managed to travel at all during your studies?

I travelled to France and Spain before my course started, trying to catch some sun before I plunged into the British winter. I'm hoping to do more travel in the coming months.

What do you plan to do when you graduate?

I hope to get a senior level job in London or the Midlands for a globally recognised brand, most likely in the automotive or finance industries.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying at Warwick?

Get involved. Warwick is a great campus, with so much to offer its students. This includes clubs, societies and also events put on by Warwick University. You may not think you have the time, but I'm almost certain you'll have even less time once you graduate.