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Student Profile: So Pak Him (Albert)


BA Politics and International Studies

Study Dates:

2016 - 2019

How did you find out about Warwick?

I initially heard about University of Warwick from my family - as it's a pretty famous university in the UK and therefore it always seems to be around conversations regarding my future when I was studying for my A-levels. During the Sixth-form period, I naturally have more exposure to universities and Warwick have always been one of my choices since Day One.

Did you apply for any other universities? What made you choose Warwick?

I also applied for LSE, UCL, Exeter and Lancaster. I have no siblings but I have close friends that went to a range of universities - from top end of the university league table to the other. The PAIS Department of Warwick is one of the best in the UK and therefore it was only logical to place Warwick as my priority. The university's good reputation was also a deciding factor for me.

How was Welcome Week, what were your first impressions of campus?

The international students' week was excellent and I settled in quite quickly. My first impression was that the campus and the facilities surrounding the site is excellent.

Were you satisfied with the accommodation?

I was at Heronbank and was satisfied with the accommodation - everything was tidy, clean with plenty of space. Now I live off campus in Leamington and the experience is also pleasing as well - nice town, nice student atmosphere.

Have you got involved with any clubs or societies whilst studying at Warwick?

I was the president of the Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Services Society and hosted numerous events - ranging from debate workshops and career talks. I was also members of Politics society and Warwick Conservatives, which I engaged with all sorts of talks and social events with them.

Have you found much time to travel whilst in the UK?

Yes, I have travelled to a lot of cities in the UK and a few in Europe due to its accessibility. I have been to the likes of Bath, Bristol, Norwich etc. in the UK, to Vilnius, Belgrade etc. in Europe.

What are your plans following graduation?

I am looking at different things as the more options there are the better. I will be looking to continue on a Master's degree, or looking at graduate schemes ranging from financial services to the public service sector.

What makes you happiest about studying here?

The atmosphere on campus, from students to teaching staffs, are always friendly and positive. This is something that makes me happy whenever I am on campus and therefore happy to come in everyday to engage with my studies and/or be with my friends.

What advice would you give to someone who is planning to study at Warwick?

I would advice them to treasure every opportunity to meet new people in the university, especially the people they live with - as they might not only become friends for one year, but perhaps best friends for a long time to come.