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Student Profile: Khayala Pashayeva

Course: khayala.jpg

MA in Educational Leadership and Management

Study Dates:

2016 -2017

My story:

I have always been interested in doing MA in England. I believed it would bring great advantages to my future. After gaining my first degree in Azerbaijan, I decided to build a solid grounding in education and management. I applied to the several top UK universities, and got acceptance from almost all of them. I obtained information about The University of Warwick, the department and course modules from the Student Recruitment Officer, Lana Shaugney. I met Lana in educational fair in Baku. I then decided to pursue my application to the course, Educational Leadership and Management (ELM).

The application process was more than easy for me, as the requirements of the university were clear and I met all of them. It should be noted that I applied to Warwick and visa with help of study abroad group, Levant Education. I did not apply to any of scholarship programs. My family has been sponsoring me during the educational year.

My program, ELM consists of different core and optional modules related to various spheres of the educational system. The course I studied and the teaching system of Warwick is based on improving research and analytical thinking skills of its students. All of the modules that I have been working on are fascinating in their own right. I chose to take Policy, Strategy, and Resources in Education as one of my elective modules. That was an entirely new subject for me. I was taught how an educational system works from the perspective of educational policy.

Moreover, tutorial and admin staffs evenly were always willing to help, and also provided full support to me. I have been completely supervised by my final project supervisor, Dr. Pontso Moorosi. This meant I could do great investigation on the field that I was focused on.

Due to the balanced schedule of CES department, it was possible to find out time for traveling around the UK and spending time with friends, as well as for study. I had an opportunity to gain some experiences related to the UK education system and had a chance to visit various schools.

What I loved was the strong international student cohort and the way student were mixed with each other. I did not experience any culture shock when I first arrived to Warwick, and all first impressions were positive. We had a very wide mix of people from various countries with different backgrounds and experiences, so we could learn a lot from each other. Since Warwick is famous for its great choices of societies, I also joined to some of them as Unicef and Horse Riding. Consequently, I have developed a large network of friends. I think it became the main thing that made me happy about studying in Warwick.

I know that the skills I have gained in Warwick laid the basis of fundamental knowledge for my future career in educational management. Before my MA I had some years experience in the education field as a teacher, as well as a manager in a family owned language school. After coming back to my country, with the family support, I have been able to open the second branch of our school and to develop the family business. I also became the director of Azerbaijan office of Levant Education Group. Furthermore, I am planning on doing a Doctorate.

There is no doubt in my mind that The University of Warwick played an essential part in helping me to settle and develop my own job. Perhaps that is the main reason why I recommended to my brother to do his MSc in Warwick as well (currently he is WMG student). I will always be grateful to the university and its amazing staff for everything.