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Student Profile: Mihaly Samu Fazekas


BA/BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Study Dates:

2018 - 2021

How did you find out about Warwick?


Did you consider applying anywhere else? What made you choose Warwick?

I considered UCL, King's College and Manchester. I chose Warwick because the campus is located at the edge of the city, close to nature, there are many international students and my department is ranked highly in the UK.

How did you find the application process?

It was a relatively easy process.

How was your arrival onto campus?

The student helpers were really helpful

How is your accommodation?

I am mostly satisfied with my on-campus accommodation.

Have you joined any clubs or societies?

Rethink Economics Warwick, Exec member.

What is the best thing about studying at Warwick?

Societies and Events.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

Travel a lot.