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Student Profile: Jesus Salvador Vivanco Lopez


LLM International Commercial Law

Study Dates:

2017 - 2018

How did you find out about Warwick?

I knew about the University of Warwick in the rankings of the best universities in the world and in the UK, published every year. I was invited by Love UK to have a personal interview with a representative from Warwick, this interview was informative and helpful to learn more about the university.

What are the main reasons you chose Warwick?

High profile Mexican lawyers tend to study their Masters in American Universities. A way to differentiate myself from those lawyers and offer different skills was choosing a British University.

Once decided the foregoing. I researched which universities, among the top twenty in the UK, outside London, offered the programme of International Commercial Law. Warwick and Bristol were the most attractive universities to me.

The detailed and quick answers given to my queries and the thorough support provided by the staff of Warwick was key for choosing Warwick. The dedication of Warwick's staff since the outset was a token that this university is genuinely devoted to the success of its students. My first contact was with Lorna Morris in a personal interview in Mexico. Afterwards, Ms Morris provided me support by e-mail. In addition, Adam Alcock from the School of Law helped me with the admissions process.

Did you receive any help with your application form and visa application, or any funding?

I was also helped with my application form and visa application by the Mexican agency Love UK.
I recieved a partial scholarship from Santander. The rest of the fees were cover by myself.

What was the best thing about your experience of student life at Warwick?

It is difficult to choose one thing since my experience at Warwick was excellent. I would highlight however, that apart from the academic knowledge acquired, I gained many other skills highly important to my studies and to perform better as a legal practitioner. Some of these skills are improving my critical thinking, giving presentations of complex matters and structuring and drafting legal articles in a professional way.

What is the accommodation like?

My accommodation was off campus. I can say it was excellent. It was 20 minutes away from the university (by foot). In this way, I used to walk every day to campus. This was highly helpful in two ways: during my way to the university this 20 minutes helped me to reflect in my studies or the piece of work I was engaged at that moment; during my return home, it was helpful in a way that it was a time for me to forget about my studies and release stress.

Did you travel during your studies?

I did take advantage of my stay at the University of Warwick and whenever I had opportunity I travelled within the UK and to Europe. The location of the campus is highly convenient for travelling since the midlands is a territory that is very well connected to any part of the UK. If you want to travel abroad, Birmingham Airport is the best option as it is 7 minutes away from Coventry by train.

Additionally, the Student Union continuously arranges trips within the UK, which are quite convenient in price. In addition these trips are a good way to meet other students from different fields and nationalities.

What did you hope to achieve when you graduated?

My professional expectations were to continue working as a legal practitioner in a top law firm in my home-country. This goal has been achieved. Once I finished my Masters I returned to Mexico to resume activities in the law firm that I was working before my LLM, which is a top law firm. I will be able to practice what I learned in my programme, as this firm deals with a significant number of international cases. In addition, now that I concluded my master´s degree I was promoted to senior associate, which will allow me to handle my own clients and cases.

What advice would you give to anyone considering studying at Warwick?

Do not doubt going to Warwick for three main reasons. Firstly, because the quality of the education provided is excellent in every field. Secondly, because in this university you will meet students from all around the world, which will enrich your programme and your experience for learning about their culture is fascinating. Thirdly, the fact that Warwick has been named as a university targeted by the the UK´s top graduate employers* will enormously enhance your opportunities to follow your professional dreams.