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Student Profile: Maitreyi Rajwade


BA Law and Business Studies

Study Dates:

2015 - 2019

Did you apply to any other universities? What made you choose Warwick?

I chose Warwick because it was one of the only universities in the UK that offered my double degree course. This allows me to combine two, prima facie starkly contrasting disciplines into one degree. Warwick Business School has a reputation as being a prestigious institution for business studies. My particular course offers me the freedom to pick and choose modules I am interested in. I can tailor my learning as per my interests and career goals. Coming to the UK allowed me to undertake a Law degree as my undergraduate degree, unlike many other countries which only offer Law as a postgraduate qualification.

How did you find the application process?

I applied through UCAS to Warwick and four other universities within the UK. I was supported by my school careers counsellor and the Visa process itself was very straightforward. If I had any queries I was able to contact the immigration office at Warwick.

What is the best thing about studying at Warwick?

The friend's I've made! Being able to stay in accommodation halls in first year and always being encouraged to join fun societies and sports clubs was a great way to make lifelong friends, with similar interests and hobbies. The campus lifestyle facilitated close friendships and a community environment. This removed a lot of the possible loneliness that can accompany the process of moving away from home for university. Doing a niche course like Law and Business also allowed me to regularly socialise with my course mates, which developed into the closest friendships, as we all reached the end of our time at university.

How is your accommodation?

I thought the accommodation was lovely and just enough for one person to manage. The room came equipped with everything a student would need and was evidently well maintained and regularly updated. I was also impressed by the variety of options available in terms of price ranges, let lengths or location of the accommodation building itself on campus. It was also nice having members of the residential life team living in the hall with the students, in case we were ever in need of support.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I have secured a graduate trainee job with Rolls Royce, following a 10 week summer internship. I later hope to go into Law and become a commercial solicitor.

What advice would you give to some considering applying to Warwick?

Come in with an open mind and actively seek the support that is available to you. It's very easy to come to university with a fixed idea of what you want to do and which career you want to pursue. But, losing yourself to possibilities and experiences, could prevent you from finding something even more suited to your interests and abilities. There is a wealth of support available for students, personal, academic or career oriented. It is important to access those support networks as early on as possible.