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Immigration summary for nationals of Oman
The immigration summary below is for nationals of Oman applying from their home country. If you are a national of another country but living in Oman, please contact your local visa application centre for further advice or refer to the UK Visa and Immigration website. The information provided should be used as guidance only. It has been taken from the UK Visas and Immigration website, which should be referred to in all immigration matters.

When completing the online application, you will be asked to provide an approximate date of travel and the postal code for the address where you will stay once in the UK. Your CAS will contain information as to how to use the ACL code to have your BRP card delivered to the University of Warwick (if you do not use the code, your BRP card will be delivered to a designated Post Office nearest to the post code provided). Your 30-day travel visa will be valid 7 days before the 'expected date of travel' you put on your visa application form, and you can arrive in the UK up to 1 month prior to your course start date. The Home Office decision letter will provide information on the full length of your visa, and details of where to collect the residence permit. You should carry this letter in hand luggage when you travel to the UK.

You can find more information about how to prepare for a application, including how to complete the online application form, what documents to prepare, and what documents to submit here:

Is a visa required?

If you want to study in the UK, you must obtain a Student Visa under the points-based system before you travel here.

Is a Tuberculosis (TB) certificate required?

No, not required.

Am I considered a ‘low risk’ national by the UK Home Office?

Yes. Low risk nationals applying for a Student Visa from their country of nationality (or in the UK) are not required to submit evidence of English language certificate, academic qualification, financial evidence and evidence of previous UK study (if any). You should, however, still prepare these documents in the event that they are requested by the Home Office UKVI. Please find more information here.

Am I required to supply a Police Registration Certificate?

If you have previously studied in the UK for a course which is longer than 6 months and 'pol registration' is stated on the Home Office UKVI decision letter/visa/BRP card, you should already have a police registration certificate. You should submit the Police Registration Certificate with your visa application.

If you have not previously studied in the UK, you will need to check your Home Office UKVI decision letter/visa/BRP card carefully when you receive them (as it should normally state 'pol registration' as your visa condition), and ensure that you book an appointment with the Police within 7 days of arriving in the UK (you may attend the appointment at a later date).

Are you applying with dependants?

If you are considering bringing your family to Warwick, you should read this guidance

Further Guidance

If you require further guidance or information, including advice on what to do if your visa is refused, please see