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Hong Kong SAR - Hei Hang Yiu


PhD Health Economics

My journey to PhD study...

Economics has long been my favourite subject as it assists me in understanding human behaviour and developing a critical mindset in decision making. Upon my completion of the undergraduate degree in Business Economics at the City University of Hong Kong, I realised that I wanted to broaden my Economics knowledge as I wanted to be a professional Economist in the future. After consulting my undergraduate professors, they highly recommended the University of Warwick due to its strong reputation in the area of Economics and they believed that I could get enough resources and supports if I continue my postgraduate study at Warwick. Because of this, I applied and was admitted to the taught Masters’ programme in Economics at the University of Warwick for the academic year 2016-2017.

At that time, I was inspired by the module of Health Economics as health promotion becomes an important global goal nowadays. After finishing the taught master's degree with Distinction, I decided to further develop my analytical skills accumulated to date and pursue an academic career in health economics because of the importance of resource allocation in publicly-funded health services and I was also highly motivated by my master's dissertation supervisor, who is a caring and knowledgeable professor in Health Economics based at the Warwick Medical School. I believe that a doctoral degree in Health Economics can help me achieve my personal goal as it will provide the research training I need to embark on an academic career, enabling me to demonstrate my potential as a highly competitive researcher. I am now admitted to the Warwick Medical School as a Ph.D. student in Health Economics.

Did you consider applying to further your study elsewhere? What made you choose Warwick?

I was also considering to study at the US or Canada. Warwick is a reputable university with professional staff and strong research support. It is a safe place with fantastic natural environment, enabling me to study in a relaxing mood.

Did you receive any help with your application form, or any funding?

Warwick Medical School provided support during the application process by answering questions I had and solving any doubts, my current PhD. supervisors were helpful with scholarship application and the format of a research proposal. I am currently a first-year PhD student who is funded by the Chancellor's International Scholarship at the University.

What makes you the happiest about your time at Warwick?

As a Ph.D. student in Health Economics, I really enjoy the study environment at the Medical School as my supervisors and the other Health Economics research staff are really nice and they help and support me in terms of academic knowledge and through the sharing of their personal experiences in research life. I feel so warm in this Health Economics family and I do not feel alone as a "fresh" student.

How are you finding the accommodation?

I am currently living in Heronbank, which is an on-campus accommodation. The environment is peaceful with different wild animals including geese and swans and I really enjoy the beauty of nature here. I feel safe as the accommodation is managed by a group of professional residual tutors and security guards. They are very helpful and willing to solve my questions such as facility maintenance and fault reporting. Parties are also held during festival period for me to meet new friends and enjoy the atmosphere of the festival.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I hope to work as a researcher in Health Economics at a University.

Do you have any advice for anyone considering studying at Warwick?

I think they need to prepare to be open-minded as they will have a lot of chances to discuss academic knowledge with the other classmates and professors during the study journey at Warwick. We are encouraged to facilitate mutual learning through the exchange of ideas and opinions. Apart from academic learning, don't miss the chances of joining extra-circular activities as there are many societies available at Warwick. Work-life balance is always important. Also, career events are also held at the University from time to time and it is important to plan your career at an earlier stage.