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Turkey - Emrah Bingol



How did you find out about Warwick?

I first heard about Warwick through MBA Rankings on Financial Times. Immediately after that I started doing extensive research, and was impressed by its constantly escalating profile.

Did you consider applying anywhere else? What made you choose Warwick?

I considered Politecnico di Milano in Italy, University of Mannheim in Germany, Rotterdam School of Management in Netherlands, Cranfield and Oxford Universities in UK. Some of my friends went to Imperial College, and Politecnico di Milano. I chose Warwick because I was impressed by the progressive nature of Warwick. I could see that the university had an innovative mindset, and was in sync with the large-scale changes in the business world.

Did you contact the department prior to applying?

I contacted Warwick Business School, to find out about my eligibility and the steps for my application. They have been very helpful, gave me general information about the university and the department, preliminarly assessed my application, and guided me regarding any missing documents that I had, and how to obtain them.

How did you apply? Did you receive any help with the process?

I applied by myself. I had a lot of help from EDCON, the university's partner in Turkey. They guided me about the visa procedures. I have travelled to UK with my wife, so getting professional help about which documents to include was really helpful.

How was your arrival? What were your first impressions of your accommodation?

The first was the induction week, where I had lectures and workshops about how to use the library, the computer labs, the sports facilities etc. I did not have any problems about orientation. I have stayed off-campus, and have handled accommodation by myself. My suggestion to anyone who will not be using University accommodation, is to act quickly and try to either come to Coventry a few weeks earlier, or to try to rent a place before arriving.

Have you joined any clubs or societies?

I am a member of Warwick Consulting and Finance societies. There are many activities on campus. I have attended to a number of sessions, presentations and panels, from well known consultants and banks in UK.

Have you managed to travel at all during your studies?

I have travelled to Edinburgh, Cardiff and London.

What is the best thing about being a student at Warwick?

I think it is the way Warwick is perceived globally. Warwick is a globally well known and respected university. Getting an education from Warwick opens many doors, and creates many opportunities. Additionally, the education level is world class, and the university has a wide range of information sources such as academic databases, terminal computers for Bloomberg and Reuters, and quite a large library.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I hope to continue my career in the UK. I believe that with the education that I have received from Warwick, I can be a good candidate for many companies here.

What makes you happiest about studying at Warwick?

The trust I have towards its development goals and performance. I feel proud to be a part of this institution.

What advice would you give anyone considering studying at Warwick?

I would tell them that if they care about price/performance, there is not a better university in Europe. It is also important to consider the future while making applications, a university's current ranking does not mean that it will remain the same. Warwick has been rising in rankings for some years now, and this shows the potential and ambition of the university.