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Summer Internship (Undergraduate Students)

Undergraduate students on a TIER 4 visa will be allowed to undertake full time internships which would start a maximum of 3 weeks before the the summer holidays. For example, if the summer term ends on 29 June 2019, and you have secured a full time internship starting on or after 08 June 2019, then you will be able to start the full time internship from 8 June 2019 once you have obtained permission from the University and received a confirmation in writing (your employer will usually ask for written evidence to satisfy the 'right to work' check).

If the internship starts more than 3 weeks to the University's summer holiday, you will need to ask your employer for a different start date, or ask your employer if they would allow a reduced hour (usually 20 hours during term time) during this period.

In order for the University to permit a Tier 4 student to do this, we require some information from you.

Can you please provide the following and attach the confirmation with the form below:

  • Confirmation of the internship which you have been offered (e.g. an offer letter) which should include the date this is due to commence.
  • Confirmation from your department that you will have completed all requirements of your course by the start date and that they have no objection to you doing this (e.g., an email confirmation). The department has to confirm that you will have sat all the exams and submitted all work before starting your internship.

When we are happy that it is an internship which is related to your course, we will process your request and send you a confirmation letter. The letter can be picked from the Study Abroad & Immigration Student Reception (1st Floor, University House), sent to you as an email attachment, or posted to your correspondence address, depending on the option you choose in the form below.

This form will automatically be deleted if you have not attached the confirmation from your employer and from your department.
If you have received confirmation via emails, then you can save those emails as a PDF and then attach those PDF below.

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