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BRPs for dependants

This form is to be used by Tier 4 students who have dependants joining them in the UK, whose visa applications have been made overseas (either at the same time as the student or later) and where you have used the Alternative Collection Location code on your application form in order for the University to receive their BRP cards. This is so the University can identify any Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) received for your dependants – we have no other way of doing this. YOU SHOULD ONLY COMPLETE THIS ONCE YOUR TEMPORARY TRAVEL VISAS HAVE BEEN ISSUED AND RECEIVED.
If you answer ‘no’ to the above question and you have NOT yet received your temporary travel visa you should NOT complete this form at this time. Please wait until this has been received before completing.
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The information on this form will only be used to enable us to identify any BRP cards received on behalf of your dependants.
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