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Check and correct an error on your Student visa (or BRP)

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Is there an error on your Student visa/ BRP card?

If you applied for your student visa outside of the UK, when you receive your visa and the 'decision letter' (this is the letter which tells the full length of your visa and where to collect your Biometric Residence Permit, or BRP, if you are an non-EU national), make sure that you check everything is correct (including your personal details, and the length of your visa) before leaving home to travel to the UK. If you spot an error, you should contact the Entry Clearance Officer (or the Visa Application Centre) to correct the error before you leave for the UK if there is time.

If you are unable to have the error corrected before travelling to the UK, or, if you only noticed the error after you arrived in the UK, you can still request that the mistake is corrected. However, you must do it within 3 months of arriving in the UK.

If you applied for your Student visa within the UK, when you receive your digital status or BRP card, check that everything is correct.

You can also contact the Home Office about your immigration status if your access to work, study or other government services has been affected, and you believe this is because the immigration status held by the Home Office may be incorrect.

Frequently asked questions

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    • Your personal details (name, gender, place of birth, date of birth, nationality etc.)
    • The Sponsor Licence Number of the University of Warwick (it should be C5MQDFPD0).
    • Your visa conditions (the number of hours you can work- for degree level students it will be 20 hours term time, for sub-degree students it will be 10 hours term time; police registration condition - if your nationality does not require police registration but there is 'pol registration' on your visa/decision letter. Note: if your nationality does require police registration but it is not stated on your visa or decision letter, you do not need to have this added and are not required to register with the police. However, you should retain copies of your visa/decision letter for future reference).
    • The length of leave (check what you are entitled to, for example, if you are studying on a course of 12 months or more, you are entitled to 4 additional months at the end of the course)
    • If you have been issued a 30-day or 90-day temporary travel visa vignette because you will collect a BRP on arrival in the UK, check carefully that the start and end dates of the travel visa are correct and correspond to the dates on your CAS/in your visa application - that the visa has not been issued too early or too late for you to travel. Any errors of this nature must be corrected before you travel to the UK as it is not usually possible to correct afterwards. Please note, in response to delays caused by the Coronavirus-19 pandemic, from June 2020, Student temporary travel visas will be issued for a period of 90 days, rather than 30.

    Any errors in relation to the above can be corrected before you travel to the UK by contacting the visa application centre immediately.

  • If you applied for your visa within the UK and if the Immigration Service managed your visa application via the Warwick application checking service, please contact us for further advice. If you applied for this visa by yourself, you can report a problem with your new BRP via the Home Office online form.

    Please note that if the error is in relation with the length of your visa or an incorrect visa condition (the number of hours you are permitted to work, for example), you should submit an 'Administrative Review' instead. Please note that you must submit this 'Administrative review' application within 14 days of you receiving the decision.

  • If there is an error on a BRP card issued as a result of an entry clearance application made outside of the UK, and you collected your BRP card from the University, please contact our BRP Team and highlight the error. They will then get in touch with you to confirm if it is an error, and help you correct it.

    If you collected your BRP card from a post office, you will need to complete a UKVI online form within 10 working days of receipt of your BRP. To use this route, the error must be one of the following:

    • an error in relation to your visa conditions (for example, number of hours you can work)
    • an error in the length of leave (for example, if you are granted 2 additional months at the end of the course instead of 4)
    • mistakes about your personal details on the BRP (for example, name, gender, place or date of birth, nationality etc.)
    • damage to the BRP (for example, if it is damaged when you collected it)
    • a fault with the BRP (for example, the post office told you that it won't scan properly)

    The Home Office website outlines the information you are required to provide in order to complete this form. If you require any assistance, please contact the Compliance Team and they can guide you further.

  • If the error is on the visa (vignette which is like a sticker on your passport), for example, you were not given the additional 4 months of leave after your course end date, you will first need to send an email to the UKVI ( with a scan of the vignette and explain what the error is, within 3 months of arriving in the UK.

    If the UKVI agrees there is an error, they will confirm this by return email, and will provide you with an address so that you can send the necessary document required for the correction (you might need to send your passport and one passport photograph - see more information on GOV ECB 19 page).

    If you are required to send original passport to the Home Office, we strongly advise that you send them using Royal Mail 'signed for' service (so that you can track the delivery), and that you take photocopies of all your documents before sending them.

    The process is free of charge, and the Home Office are working to turn requests around within 5 working days of date of receipt of the request, although this is no always guaranteed.

    Once the error is corrected, it is likely that you will receive a BRP card.

  • All visas issued on or after 1 January 2016 for a duration of more than 6 months should be issued in the form of a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). If it is not, it is necessary for you to get this corrected.

    If you are overseas: then you should get this corrected before travelling to the UK so that the UKVI can produce a BRP for you. You will need to contact your local visa application centre and they will send your passport to the UKVI for correction OR you can contact the UKVI's international enquiry service and they will send you instructions on how to get this corrected.

    If you have already travelled to the UK: To request that this is corrected you should email: within 3 months of entering the UK, explain the error and ask them to rectify the error. Attach a copy of your visa in that email.

    Once the error team has confirmed it, they will send the next steps via email (usually they ask for 2 UK passport size photos and a covering letter explaining the error).

    Please arrange to do the above as soon as possible.

    It would be helpful if you could inform us that you have done this so we can monitor any correspondence relating to this.

    Once the error has been corrected and you have received your new visa, please upload a scanned copy so that we can update our records.

  • There is no requirement to have a mistake on your visa (or BRP) amended, although some errors may cause problems for you later if you left it. For example, if you are granted 2 additional months at the end of your course rather than 4, and you later decide to pursue further studies in the UK, your ability to make a visa application in the UK may become limited. Similarly, if you are wrongly granted more leave than you need, this would still count towards your 5 year UK study cap, potentially leaving you with less time for future study.

  • If there is a mistake on your visa (or BRP) and you want to get it corrected, you should act as soon as possible, especially if the error concerns the length of your visa. If you requested to correct an error close to your visa expiry date, and if a decision is not made by the Home Office prior to your visa expiring, you will need to ensure that a valid immigration application is made before the date your leave expires, or risk being in the UK as an over-stayer.

  • Once the error has been corrected and you have received your new visa, please upload a scanned copy so that we can update our records.

    This is important as it forms part of the University's obligation to the Home Office which states that we must retain accurate records for all students who require immigration permission to study in the UK.