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Non-Warwick Tier 4 Holders

I have a Tier 4 Visa issued for study at another education institution which is still valid, can I enrol and use this visa to study at Warwick?

If you are subject to Immigration control you must pass the Right to Study check before you can enrol on a course at the University of Warwick.

To pass the right to study check, you must hold:

  • One of the visas that allow you to study in the UK as listed on our right to study page above


  • A valid Warwick Tier 4 (General) Student Visa (applied for using a CAS issued by Warwick)


  • A Short-Term Study Visa (if your course duration is 6 months or less, or 11 months or less for English language courses)

If you are a visiting research student and are coming Warwick for less than 6 months, you may be able to study with us if you hold a Tier 4 visa sponsored by another UK institution. Please refer to our 'Permission to Enrol' page for further information.

If you are starting a full time course leading to a degree level qualification (or above) at Warwick but do not hold any of these visas, you must apply for a new Tier 4 visa sponsored by Warwick.

Ideally, you should have received your new Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card before you start your course at Warwick (see exception below).

Exception: if you have applied for your Warwick Tier 4 visa in the UK but you have not yet received your new visa, and your course is starting in less than 3 weeks' time, you may make a request to complete course registration on the basis that you have made an in-time visa application (meaning that you made your visa application before your current visa expiry date).

You can do this by completing an online form: Independent Application Notification Form (IANF).

Once we have received this we will usually contact you by email with instructions on how to complete your enrolment.


As long as you have made an in-time application, that is, you paid for your Tier 4 visa application before the expiry of your current visa, you will be covered by something called 'Section 3C leave'.

This means that your current visa conditions are extended automatically until you receive a decision on your Warwick Tier 4 visa application.

This provision also enables us to allow you to start the course at Warwick even before your visa application is approved.

However, if your visa application is refused/rejected after your current visa expiry date, and you are left without a valid visa which permits you to study at Warwick, you may be required to withdraw under University regulation 36.4.2.

If you receive a visa refusal while you are in the UK, please contact or visit us immediately because you will have limited time to apply for an Administrative Review or leave the UK.

Failure to take prompt actions could result in a time ban on re-entering the UK.

Please see the Refusals & Rejections page for more information.