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Outbound Warwick Students

If you are:

  • A current student at the University of Warwick
  • You do not hold a UK/EU/EEA/Swiss passport
  • You are heading out of the UK to do a Study Abroad year, please carefully read the information below.

Visas for other countries:

Student Immigration & Compliance team is unable to assist with any queries regarding immigration to other countries.

You should check to see what the immigration requirements are for your nationality in your host country.

Your host institution should be able to provide you with further information and assistance.

If your current UK Tier 4 visa length covers your Study Abroad year and your final year:

There is no further action to take with regards to UK immigration as your visa already covers your Study Abroad period and any remaining aspects of your course. A report will be made to the UKVI when you go on your Study Abroad year to notify the UKVI of this change, and you will receive an automated email when this report is done. The report to the UKVI does not affect your visa.

If your current visa is not long enough to cover the Study Abroad year and remainder of your course:

If your current visa does not cover the whole length of your course, you will need to do the following:

1) Discuss adding a study abroad year on your course with your academic department.

2) If your academic department supports your Study Abroad Year request, they will need to submit a Change of Course request on your behalf from your current 3-year course to a 4-year course with a Study Abroad year (or intercalated year).

3) Once you have received confirmation that this request has been made, you will need to apply for a new Tier 4 visa.

You can either apply before starting your Study Abroad year


You can apply before the start of your final year and before your current visa expiry date.

4) Once you have applied for your visa, you must Visit Us in person as soon as possible so that your immigration records are updated.

Should I apply for my Tier 4 visa before or after my Study Abroad year?

This is completely up to you.

The main difference in the two of these options is a) the amount of financial evidence you must provide.

In both cases you are required to show next year's course fees + maintenance (living cost).

The maintenance is currently: 9 x £1,015.00 = £9,135.

The course fees will be:

Before Study Abroad year = Study Abroad Fee

Before Final year = Final Years Course Fee.

Most students opt to apply for their Tier 4 visa BEFORE the Study Abroad Year for the following reasons:

  1. The Study Abroad year fees are lower
  2. Peace of mind that the visa has been secured - UKVI change the visa rules on a regular basis and the rules might change before your return.

The amount of Immigration Health Surcharge you will need to pay may be different too, if you choose to apply for your Tier 4 visa from outside of the UK, as you will need to pay for the overlapping period of your Tier 4 visa (typically the 3rd year).

How To apply for a Tier 4 visa:

You must decide if you wish to apply before or after your Study Abroad year.
Once you have decided this, you must ensure you can meet the application requirements:

Mandatory Documents:
Other Documents:

Once you can meet these requirements, you must decide if you want to make the application in or outside of the UK.

  1. You must leave the UK Before you make your online application.
  2. You must then request a CAS from Student Immigration & Compliance team - Do not make your application without a CAS.
  3. Once you are in your country of residence, you can make your application - We highly recommend that you use the Entry Clearance Application Guide to make your application to avoid any errors in completing your application.
  4. Once you have made you application, if successful, you will then receive a decision letter.
  5. You will receive a 30-day, multi-entry Temporary Travel Vignette in your passport.
  6. You will then need to travel to the UK and pick up your BRP.
  7. If you did not use the ACL code to collect your BRP card at the University, you will need to visit a post office to collect your BRP card and present to us.

  1. You will need to request a CAS from Student Immigration & Compliance by booking an appointment with an adviser.
  2. You must then attend your appointment with an International Student Adviser, who will check your application materials, and if satisfied that they meet the criteria, they will issue you with a CAS and help you submit your application, including uploading mandatory documents.
  3. You will then need to visit a UKVCAS centre and submit your biometric data.
  4. Once you have done this, you will receive your decision within the timeframe of the service you paid for.
  5. If you did not use our address in your application, you will need to present your BRP to us before you engage in your Study Abroad/ final year.