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Host UK

Have you ever considering expanding your UK experience? Would you like to have a better understanding of Britain and the British way of life? HOST UK offers you this opportunity.

Since 1987, HOST UK have offered students studying at UK universities the opportunity to spend a day, weekend or Christmas holiday with a volunteer host family. This opportunity allows you to make the most of your UK study experience. You stay in the home of your Host family, and will cook and eat together, join in with daily life and see the local areas of interest where they live.

The University of Warwick pays a yearly subscription to the national HOST scheme. This means that Warwick students are able to enjoy a HOST visit for a reduced fee compared with students from a non-subscribing institution, and when you apply, HOST will verify with us that you are a current student. Many Warwick students have enjoyed a HOST visit over the years. Although your hosts will be volunteers, there is a reduced administrative charge for the application fee (usually £60 for a weekend visit, or £36 for a day visit - more if you wish to take a dependent with you or for a Christmas visit), and you will need to pay for your transportation to and from your HOST location.

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