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Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I pay my fees? What do I do after I have paid them?

    You should pay your fees as soon as possible after you have arrived at the university. You can do this at Senate House (Student Finance).

     Do I have to attend all of the classes?

    Yes you do, unless you have an urgent reason for missing them. If you miss a lot of lessons, you will be reported to the UKVI and will not receive your certificate or be allowed to join your main degree course.

     I arrived late for the course and missed the visit to Police/Immigration registration. What should I do?

    Depending on where you live you either need to go to Birmingham to register with the police or book an appointment on Campus as soon as possible. It is OK to miss classes for this. Come to the course office and we will tell you how to get to Birmingham or apply online for an appointment. (See also advice from the International Office.)

     I have already registered with the police but I need to change my address. Do I need to go to the Police to do this?

    Yes - you should book an appointment online, and take all your papers with you.

     How do I collect my post?

    Your post will be in your Halls of residence unless it is a large parcel then it will be in the post room on Westwood campus.

     My family want to send me something. What address should I give them?

    Your Name
    Pre-Sessional Course 
    Your Bedroom (Sherbourne, Flat.... Room.....
    University of Warwick 
    Coventry, CV4 7ES


    I want to post a letter to my own country. Should I write the address in my own language?

    No. The post office uses a machine to read addresses and they will not be able to read this. Make sure you write the full address in English and your own language. (See also Airmail Costs)

     What happens to my post at the end of the course?

    Your post will be sent to the post room to be redirected. You should tell people, including banks, your new address as soon as possible.

     Can I have friends to live in my room on campus?

    No. This is against the university’s rules. (See also Residential Accommodation Regulations)

     When do I find out where I will be living for MY main course? When can I move in?

    This changes every year, but you usually find out in the last week of the course. You usually move on the last Saturday of the course. There is not usually any help available for this, but you could hire a car/taxi with some friends.

     If I have a problem with my accommodation, who should I talk to?

    You should start by talking to your residential assistant, who will probably be able to help. If you still have problems then please call into the office and we will try to help you.

     How can I find out more about my main course? How can I get a reading list?

    The Pre-sessional course tutors and office staff will try to help but may not always have access to these - in the first instance you should ask your tutor in Phase 5, alternatively, If your department has not sent you this, you can go to the department and ask for one.

     If I change my mind about my main course, or have a problem with the pre-sessional course, who should I talk to?

    The best person to talk to is the Director of Studies, Nigel Prentice. You can contact him through the main office S1.82 in the Social Science Building

    What should I do if I lose my ID card?

    You need to go to the reception in Senate House and ask for a new one. They may charge you for this. You do not need to pay for your ID card for your main course. (See also The Warwick Card website)

     Can I print / photocopy things in the office?

    No. You have access to the printers in all Open Access areas. You will need to buy printer credits to use these, which you can do online or at the ITS Help Desk on main campus. Your tutors and the office staff cannot print things for you. If you need photocopying done, please ask your tutor, who will be able to do it for you. However, please remember that they are very busy, and need at least one day to do copying for you.

     When we go on trips, do we have to pay? How do we get there and back?

    Trips are free, so you do not have to pay. We will provide coaches which will take you there and bring you back.

     I want to buy a car, can I park it on campus?

    You can park in all car parks during vacation, which do not have a barrier or are staff-only car parks, including during the Pre-sessional course, but will have to pay every day or buy a parking permit. You can do this in University House.

     Everyone else has received a letter from the postgraduate admissions / student finance. What can I do?

    You should check at home in your country first of all – it might have been sent there. If it hasn’t, go to student finance or postgraduate admissions and ask if they can make a copy for you.

     If I feel ill, what should I do?

    You should be registered with the university health centre during the Pre-sessional course if you live on campus. You need to ring them (02476 524888) and make an appointment to see a doctor.

     How do I find out more about exams, social activities or other things to do with the course?

    In addition to our website, we have a Facebook page and Moodle page where we will display details about activities. You should check this every couple of days. Your tutors and Residential Assistant will display posters of forthcoming trips in the classrooms and halls of residences.

     When does the heating come on at the university? Can I have a heater in my room?

    The heating is turned on at the start of the university term, in late September or early October. You cannot have a heater in your room, this is against the university rules.

     Can I come to see Pre-sessional staff in the course office once the course has finished?

    Yes. But the course office will be closed on the last day of the course. Most of the tutors will leave to go back to their jobs in other places.

     How will my department find out if I have attended the course?

    We pass information on to the postgraduate admissions team and all departments about who has attended the course. You do not need to do anything about this.

     Will I get a certificate?

    Yes. We will give you a certificate of attendance on the last day of the course. You will also receive a copy of your report from your tutors. A certificate of attendance will not be issued to anyone who has had any amount of unaccounted absences or has not paid their fees. Please make sure you have paid your fees before the end of the course.

     What should I do if I still have questions that I want answered?

    Come into the course office – we will try our best to help you - or use our Pre-sessional forum!