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New Look Library


Students and staff at the University now have access to a remodelled library which provides a more dynamic and creative space for learning.

Whether users prefer to work independently or with others, to study in a silent or less formal environment or access print or digital resources, all these preferences can now be supported under one roof.

The remodelling has cost £3.5 million pounds and will be invaluable to the students and staff who use it.

Unlike traditional libraries, the University library does not demand silence throughout – instead it provides some informal areas for students to share thoughts and ideas in a more open and relaxed environment.

A reading lounge and café on the first floor provide an inspiring work and social learning space with soft seating, bright colours and panoramic views. The first floor is also home to an extensive collection of newspapers and magazines, over a hundred computers and other multimedia facilities such as plasma screens and interactive white boards, and the short loan collection.

“There is a real buzz in the library - it really makes me want to come here to work. It’s so much more than just a library”

The second floor provides more flexible learning and teaching spaces including a new training room, additional PCs and in March 2008 users will also have the benefit of a ‘Teaching Grid’ which will provide integrated support to assist teaching and curriculum development activities.

The upper floors retain more traditional features of a University library with individual study spaces, silent study rooms and lots and lots of books. The use of compact mobile shelving has helped create space for five years’ worth of new books and print journals.

The original library was built over 40 years ago and although a number of changes were made over the years, it no longer provided the modern, rich and diverse learning environment necessary for a top ten institution like Warwick.

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