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Tina, MA Post-Colonial and Commonwealth Literature, currently studying for an Executive MBA

Returning to Study

I hadn’t written essays for a while so I think there was always a concern going back to it about whether you still remember how to do it. That took me a little while to get back into, but now I’m back into the flow, it is kind of like riding a bike.

Comparing MBA to Previous Study

I think that on the course we all have a significant amount of professional experience. Before at undergrad, a lot of it was theoretical because you have not had that experience. I think that’s a significant difference.

Because of the professional experience, the way in which the conversations in class and the things you read come alive is very different. You are kind of mapping off of real life experience.


I think there’s an assumption that people doing MBAs are going to get sponsorship from their companies, and that obviously is not always the case. My company can’t sponsor me. They’re very happy I’m doing it but they couldn’t afford the fees. That’s the same with a lot of people on my cohort who have had to find ways to self-fund. It’s a shame, I think you’d have more people taking up the opportunity to do something like this if they could get funding.

I’m fortunate in this that I’m in receipt of a 50% scholarship from the 30% club which is around supporting greater gender diversity in roles in executive leadership in companies. I was very fortunate to receive that, and without that support there is a good chance I wouldn’t have been able to participate in this MBA.

Different perspectives

I’m enjoying the fact that there are people who have different approaches to things and they’re all really interested in hearing from others about their experience and their approaches. I really appreciate that a lot, and how we can genuinely have decent conversations with people about their sector or their organisation.

To have these periods that are protected throughout this MBA where actually I can engage in conversation I can sit down and think I can just challenge myself and challenge my viewpoint, I think that is priceless.

General Advice

I would say do it. I would say that in terms of my own experience it’s definitely worthwhile, but consider before you start whether it is something that you can really see through to the end. We have had a couple of people from my cohort drop out because of… life, and life things.

I think if you are able to see it through to the end you will find it an incredibly fulfilling and enriching experience, it might not always be easy, and there will be times where you might ask yourself why are you doing this, I think it’s a case of stick with it because the rewards outweigh and doubts you might have.