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Postgraduate Mentoring Scheme


During your undergraduate study it can often be difficult to decide what the next step will be. This is why we have created the Postgraduate Menoring Programme. The programme is designed to help give support to students entering postgraduate taught study. The advice you give might make all the difference.

Getting students in touch with other students is often the most effective way to get information and advice. This scheme is for all undergraduate finalists, especially focusing on students from underrepresented groups - those from low-participation neighbourhoods and ethnic minorities.

Similarly to the Warwick Taught Masters Scholarship Scheme which was set up to help combat the financial barriers to postgraduate study, the Postgraduate Mentoring Scheme is another support method for students wanting to go into Postgraduate study.

Becoming a mentor...what does it involve?

As a postgraduate student we know you will have demands on your time. So, with this in mind, the commitment to the programme would be small. We would ask that you proactively try to engage with your undergraduate buddy this academic year and act as a point of contact, should they have any questions or need advice. We’d also ask you to read the full guidance that we provide. This would be a voluntary opportunity, however we will supply food and drinks vouchers for your interactions with your undergraduate buddy and we will put on an event at the end of the academic year to thank you.

Are you interested in becoming a mentor to an undergraduate? Click here to sign up.

Or are you an undergraduate who wants to be paired with a postgrad mentor? Click here to sign up.

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