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Year 10 Summer School

55 year 10 pupils from around Coventry, Warwickshire and London spent a fun filled week on campus 30th June - 3rd July. The students had a packed schedule which included various academic taster sessions from across all three faculties, a group work project which resulted in the students giving a final day presentation to a packed art centre cinema audience and activities in the evening that included rock climbing, a BBQ, a quiz night and finally a gala dinner. The Outreach team would like to thank all those involved that gave up their time to make the event a huge success. Some of the participant feedback is below:

“ I hope you really enjoy the summer school. I wasn’t looking forward to it that much, but it’s way too good to miss! I’ve learnt so much stuff and met some amazing people who I will probably know forever. This experience has been amazing and if I could do it again I would, so grab this opportunity with both hands and have fun.”

“The Summer School is a really nice and fun experience. You get to meet new people and you create bonds with them that you never thought you would. You learn new things and do different things to maybe even overcome your fears i.e. rock-climbing. I’d like to tell you that the Summer School was incredibly worth my time and I had one of my best times, so do not underestimate it, because it is actually an amazing experience. I gained lots of confidence and learnt lots of different skills. Also the gala dinner was AWESOME!”

“ Summer School is great! You get to make so many super friends and work in teams to complete challenging tasks. Enjoy learning about some of the courses that are offered at Warwick, and find your favourite! Just remember to stay confident, and don’t be scared to offer your opinion. Have fun!”